Tips To Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Company


Most homes and business premises have carpets as their preferred type of flooring. This is because carpets are available in different kinds of colors, size and design. They can be used in any place and they bring out the elegance of the area. For those who this is their flooring the normal way of cleaning is by vacuuming the carpet. Moreover, to get a germ-free carpet, a fresh feel in the space and to maintain the carpet it is essential to hire a carpet cleaning company. Such companies provide professional cleaning service and have the expertise and skill to provide quality service. If you are looking to hire a carpeting cleaning company below are some tips.

Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Company

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It is essential to find out how long the carpet cleaning company has been in operation. Such companies tend to be opened fast and closed at the same rate. A company that has been providing carpet cleaning service for some years is one that is dependable and can deliver quality work.

Training and certification

One needs to look at the industrial training and certification of the company and the team. The staff needs to be highly trained and certified as carpet cleaning technicians and have knowledge in upholstery and fabric cleaning, water damage restoration and carpet repair and reinstallation. With the proper training, the carpet cleaning company crew can clean carpets and rugs made of different fabrics, have different stains and restoration of damaged carpets and rugs.

Ask for license to operate and insurance

For a cleaning carpet company to operate, it is essential that they have the necessary license. Ask for proof of licensing or verify online on the local government website. Secondly, it is important that the cleaning company has the proper insurance, that is a liability and workman compensation insurance. This will protect the client and company crew from any damages or injuries that may occur while the work is being done.

Services offered

It is essential that one kxsksskskkskknows the kind of services that the company provides. This will help narrow down the search and eliminate companies that may not have the service that one is looking for. Companies may offer carpet cleaning service, together with commercial cleaning, pet odor and stain removal, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, hardwood floor service and water damage restoration. For more on what other service a carpet cleaning company can provide click here.

Finally, find out about the cost of the service. The company needs to do an assessment of the work that needs to be done and provide a written estimate. They should also have a warranty of service policy, where if a client is not satisfied they can provide the service at no rate.

How Often Should Your Air Ducts Be Cleaned


The majority of homeowners hire reputable air duct cleaning companies are usually satisfied with the results. Although there is no scientific evidence to show that air vent cleaning has considerable benefits, experts agree that when professionals do the process, there are some benefits to enjoy. According to Air Duct Cleaning Houston, you should have your air ducts cleaned annually. However, this can vary depending on circumstances homeowners face.

When to carry out air duct cleaning

  1. It is advisable to clean air ducts when:t2ged6yed7u28i292o
  2. Mold exists, or it is suspected to be in the ducts
  3. There is vermin infestation in your home
  4. There is a proof of dust released from the ducts

It is advisable to have a look at the air vent register. You may notice black debris around outside. This means that pollutants have been recycled. When changing filters remember to look at the system. If there is dust buildup, that is a good sign that it is overdue for cleaning.

Benefits of air duct cleaning

Experts have not recommended duct cleaning a remedy for various health issues. However, cleaners say this service offers some benefit. A lot of customers that have used these services say they have enjoyed several benefits. It is likely to help you overcome major causes of respiratory problems. For example, if you are suffering from asthma, you main enemy is dust mites. On the other hand, people with allergies, dander, and pollen are major problems. The microscopic elements, which you cannot see with your eyes are usually found in air ducts. Fortunately, a proper cleaning service can remove most of them.

How often to clean air ducts

According to NADCA, you should clean your air ducts under the following circumstances:

  • Every two to five years. Thus, you should be worried of a contractor that suggests frequent cleanings.
  • If you have, moved to a new home. Ask whether the previous homeowner cleaned air ducts in the past.

After completing building your new home. This is because, during construction,tg2e6y2e7u28i292 ducts can accommodate debris from drywall and several materials that are used during construction works. After completing your home remodeling project. It is true that construction projects spread sawdust over your home unless you protect your ducts, dust is likely to get into ductwork. If you own pets that shed dander and fur. In this case, duct cleaning is necessary to prevent fur from spreading to all parts of your home.