Gaming Laptop Guide

Ask what the best gaming solution is, an average gamer will say so many configurations being brought into one system. The clock speed of the processor, the chipset, HD video support facility video cards, high-end memory, sound audio system and high-end gadgets. But why do all the head spinning when you can get all these and much more on a laptop which is handier and can be used on the go. If you have been wondering on Which Laptop Gaming Guide is the best then read this guide.


What is a good spec for a gaming laptop?

jhjhjjhjhhjjhjhThe answer is simple – it depends on you. It depends on the game, the player, and affordability. Depends on whether you are a casual gamer where the gaming is a time passer where you can Spey our free time on games or real time full-blown gamer, the devices its trend and usability everything will be different. Now let us see some common features a good laptop need to have to become a good gaming laptop.

Display and graphics

Nowadays the games come with a real life feel animations and high-end graphics which need good display drive support. A laptop with Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M or equivalent graphics card is excellent. Display screen should be the full high definition, and the size can be as according to your choice. Fifteen-inch display or greater is suggestible on the display screen front.


It is said that clock speed is actually what matters. In today’s conditions, a processor with 2.5 GHz or higher clock speed is a minimum requirement for any gaming laptops. However, i-5 or i-7 processor or higher is something need to be looked at when you are going for a gaming laptop.


8 GB RAM is standard nowadays. Anything, above 8 is acceptable for a gaming laptop. Still, you can go in for 16GB or higher to stay up-to-date at least for some time as the specifications advance quickly. In 6 months to 1 year, 16GB will be part of a standard spec and the game versions also advance accordingly. So ideally an expandable slot and support up to 64 GB is always advisable.


Most games are played online nowadays. So storage is not a major factor; still, you need enough space install all the applications required for the game or even for multiple games. 500GB or 1 TB minimum is advisable and can go up to any level depending on your spending capacity.

Additional features

jjhhjhhjwqWhile looking into what extra can be added the first thing which pops up is a backlit keyboard; ask any gamer how handy it is for a laptop. Then comes brand reliability and service options near you. The ones which have a service center near you could always be easily persuaded. Also, don’t forget to look into some user reviews before buying.