Top Tips on How to Win a Free iPhone


Do you need a free iPhone 6 Smartphone? Winning a free iphone has never been easier than how you can do it on online websites. You only need to fill in a simple online form and wait for the shipment to arrive. Use these top tips to win yourself a top-notch iPhone at no hidden costs at all.

1. How to Win a iPhone Instantly

Winning an iPhone instantly requires astute judgmendrfsdfsdfsdt skills when filling the online forms. The information you provide is always sensitive and can come back to haunt you in the future. It is, therefore, important to check the website to find out if they are genuine providers of free prizes. The online site you choose should not have complicated requirements for internet users to qualify for consideration as winners.

A simple registration form that requires you to fill in your email address and a few other personal information is enough. Contestants only need to take the challenge and fill in the online forms to qualify for a prize. Remember to provide your local physical address for easy shipping of the Smartphone device.

2. How to get your iPhone after Winning

Getting your iPhone after emerging a winner is easy. The physical address you provided when registering for the contest will be used to ship your prizes. It is, therefore, important to provide accurate information so that you can claim your device in good time.

Remember that you can win the Smartphone from any part of the Globe. You only need to fill in the online registration form and leave the rest to the challenge providers. They will check the applicants and decide which one of them deserves to get the free gadget.

3. How to check if the iPhone is Genuine

There are quite a number websites that provide platforms on how to win a free iPhone but end up giving their winners counterfeit products. You can always verify if the device is genuine even before entering the contest. Check the previous winners’ statements.

Did they win genuine dewerwerwrwrvices? Is there anyone complaining of a counterfeit gadget? If the previous winners of the Smartphone are happy with what they got, then it is quite clear that you will also win a genuine device if you enter your information for submission.

Hopefully, these top tips on how to win a free iPhone will help you make the wise decision and fill in the online forms to be a contestant. Maybe you will become a lucky winner on your first try and get to enjoy the great features of the top-quality Smartphone device.